Joe's Hot Fuzz v 0.1

Ok first off, we need a target. IP addresses work as well as host names (eg
What about the timeout (in seconds)?
Fuzz Data Length? (think BIG)
Now, select an HTTP method:

HTTP Needs a request URI for each method. Ideally this is a good starting place to fuzz. Enter a Request-URI or click the fuzz me checkbox for random datas.
Request URI Value Fuzz The Datas!

Assuming GET / HEAD / POST, its parameter time, otherwise ignore this. If you check the 'Fuzz The Datas' box, the parameters value will be copied thousands of times to
....well...fuzz the data. If the paramater values are left blank, random datas will be used straight outta /dev/urandom.

Paramater 1 Name Paramater 1 Value Fuzz The Datas!
Paramater 2 Name Paramater 2 Value Fuzz The Datas!
Paramater 3 Name Paramater 3 Value Fuzz The Datas!

POST reuqests include a field named 'POSTDATA' which contains the encapsulated form fields and can (but not always) include a content length. It looks just like GET parameters in the URI except that instead of each field being separated by an ampersand '&' they are separared by the semicolon character ';' ie;


Assuming you chose POST, enter some POSTDATA or fuzz it:
Fuzz The Datas!

Want to set some cookies too?

Cookie 1 Name Cookie 1 Value Fuzz The Datas!
Cookie 2 Name Cookie 2 Value Fuzz The Datas!
Cookie 3 Name Cookie 3 Value Fuzz The Datas!

Do you have http basic auth credentials to send? Set them here:

What about a struts cancel?

Lastly, how many requests should I make? Keep in mind, this is noisey unless you have a proxy (but why should that matter, you shouldnt be attacking people you evil person!).
Number of requests: